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Influencer Marketing Done for You

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Our AI Discovers Influencers On its Own

Our advanced AI technology scans through thousands of potential influencers to identify the best matches for your brand. You can choose to let the AI approve them automatically for a seamless experience, or you can manually review and approve each influencer.

step 2

Product Distribution And Content Creation

Once the influencers are approved, they receive your products directly. They are required to create and post engaging content featuring your products within a specified timeframe. If an influencer fails to post the content within the agreed period, they will be charged the full price of the product.


Automated Commission Payments

As influencers share their content and drive traffic to your store, our platform tracks the sales generated from their efforts. Influencers earn a commission based on the performance metrics agreed upon during the setup. The commissions are calculated automatically, and payments are processed seamlessly through our platform.

Automation at Its Best

Sit back and watch the magic happen

Hundreds of Influencers, Zero Effort

Our AI finds the perfect influencers for you, so you don’t have to lift a finger.

No Upfront Payments for Influencers

They promote your products on a commission-only basis.

Loads of UGC Videos Every Month

Get a steady stream of user-generated content.

Our founders have been through the influencer grind.

They know just how tedious and time-consuming it is to find the right match for your campaigns.

Now, they want to save you from going through the same hassle.

You Don’t Have to Lift a Finger, Our AI Tool Handles Every Detail.

You won't have to spend hours sorting through profiles or studying analytics. The AI does it all, so you get the most effective influencers with no work on your part.

We helped them launch and build a strong foundation with influencer marketing.
They discovered top influencers to showcase their products using our AI-powered platform.

Our Timeline to Success

We make growing your brand simple, effective, and stress-free.

1 Week


Our intelligent algorithm scans thousands of influencers, analyzes their metrics, and handles the initial outreach to invite them to your campaign effortlessly.

3 weeks


All logistics are managed seamlessly. Influencers receive your products along with guidelines and branding info to create amazing content.

8 weeks


Key metrics are continuously tracked, with the AI making real-time adjustments to optimize your campaign for the best possible results.

Let AI handle the hard work while you enjoy the results!


We Generated $3M+ in Monthly Sales for Our Clients

Countless Creators

Countless Brands


We Fully Integrate With Your Shopify Store.

Our system connects directly to Shopify or other back-end systems.

We make sure transactions go smoothly, so you can be as productive as possible and reach your business goals without any problems.

Done-For-You Influencer Marketing

No more manually managing influencers.

Our founders are well aware of the time and effort required to manage influencer marketing. We developed an AI-powered software to ensure that the entire process is seamless and effortless for you.


We work with all kinds of niches

We understand your brand is unique, and our AI platform connects you with influencers who get that too.


Partner with influencers who highlight the best in beauty, from skincare routines to makeup tutorials.

Includes:  Lotion  •  Eyes  •  Powders  •  Makeup  •  Hair Accessories  •  Creams  •  Suncreeen  •  Eyes  •
Home Goods

Transform everyday spaces with content creators who share innovative and practical home solutions.

Includes:  Kitchenware • Cleaning Supplies • Decor Items • Furniture • Gadgets

Reach expecting and new mothers by having creators give trusted tips and product suggestions for baby and mom care.

Includes:  Prenatal Vitamins • Baby Clothes • Nursing Essentials • Maternity Wear • Skincare

Health-conscious influencers will share their wellness journeys, highlighting how your supplements support a healthy lifestyle.

Includes:  Vitamins • Protein Powders • Health Snacks • Nutritional Supplements • Wellness Kits

Fashion-savvy influencers feature your clothing and show their followers the latest outfits they can create with them.

Includes:  Lotion  •  Eyes  •  Powders  •  Makeup  •  Hair Accessories  •  Creams  •  Suncreeen  •  Eyes  •

Content Created by Our Influencers for Brands

“ took our brand to the next level! In just 90 days, we saw a breathtaking $2.12 million in revenue. Their AI-driven ambassador program seamlessly connected us with creators.”

— Sarah Johnson

Marketing Director, Stellar Cosmetics

“ took our brand to the next level! In just 90 days, we saw a breathtaking $2.12 million in revenue. Their AI-driven ambassador program seamlessly connected us with creators.”

— Sarah Johnson

Marketing Director, Stellar Cosmetics

“ took our brand to the next level! In just 90 days, we saw a breathtaking $2.12 million in revenue. Their AI-driven ambassador program seamlessly connected us with creators.”

— Sarah Johnson

Marketing Director, Stellar Cosmetics

Frequently Asked Questions

How does your AI select content creators?

Our AI understands your brand deeply. It finds the best content creators who have made popular content about topics and products similar to yours. Over time, it gets better and better at this.

Our AI is like a seasoned fisherman, casting its net wide but selectively, bringing in the best catch for your brand. It’s not just about numbers; it’s about finding those who can tell your story with authenticity and flair.

Can I approve each creator before they receive my product?

Yes, you have full control over creator approval. You can:

• Manually review and approve each creator before they receive your product
• Set up auto-approval for a hands-off approach

The choice is yours. Manual approval gives you more control, while auto-approval streamlines the process. Select the option that best fits your brand's needs and workflow.

Do I need to manually manage the influencers?

No, you don't need to manually manage the influencers. You have two options:

1. Autopilot mode: The system can automatically handle influencer management, from selection to campaign execution, without requiring your constant involvement.
2. Final approval mode: You can choose to review and give final approval for creators before they participate in your campaigns. This allows you to maintain oversight while still automating most of the process.

This flexibility lets you decide how hands-on or hands-off you want to be with influencer management. The autopilot option can save significant time and effort, while the approval mode gives you more control over which influencers represent your brand. Choose the approach that best fits your needs and comfort level.

How do commission payments work?

Commission payments for content creators work like this:

1. Sales tracking: We monitor purchases made through clicks on creators' videos.
2. Attribution: Each sale is linked to the specific video that drove it.
3. Automatic calculation: The system computes commissions based on these attributed sales.
4. Direct payments: Creators receive their earnings automatically, without manual processing.

This streamlined process ensures creators are fairly compensated for the sales they generate. It's a transparent, efficient system that rewards performance and motivates creators to produce engaging content for your brand.

Is influencer marketing suitable for small businesses?

Yes, influencer marketing is ideal for small businesses. Here's why:

• Cost-effective: No upfront payments to creators
• High ROI: Potentially the best return on investment for your marketing dollar
• Low risk: You pay only when sales are made
• Scalable: Works for businesses of all sizes

Zeal's influencer marketing platform is designed to level the playing field. It allows small businesses to tap into the power of influencer marketing without the hefty budgets typically associated with traditional campaigns. This approach turns influencer marketing from a luxury into a practical, accessible tool for businesses of all sizes.

By paying creators based on performance, you're investing in results, not promises. This model aligns perfectly with the needs of small businesses, where every marketing dollar counts and measurable outcomes are crucial.


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